SEEC- International Conference on Semantic E-Business and Enterprise Computing



The 2nd International Conference on ‘Semantic E-business and enterprise computing’ in Tamilnadu, India, will create an international forum for the evolving field of semantic E-business and enterprise computing.
With the increased size and complexity of e-business applications and products, e-business products are often no longer produced or created by an individual or even a single entrepreneur. Instead, e-business applications and products are now commonly produced by different developers using diverse practices. Therefore the meaning of those applications in e-business are contributed by the organisations and the individuals who are participating in e-business. In order to apply more and more meaning to e-business and enterprise computing and thereby minimising the complexity of e-business and enterprise computing, it is beneficial for those working in the field to standardize e- business applications. By developing e-business and enterprise computing products using semantic techniques, e-business entrepreneurs are finding solutions to these problems and attempting to enhance the meaning of online business and thus reducing the risks of online business, and also reduces the time of enterprise computing applications developments.

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Conference Date: November: 04-06, 2009


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